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Custom Bundles

These bundles are just examples. We can create customized bundles for your salons. We have hundreds of titles to choose from. Tell us your preferences and we’ll make it happen. Email orders@magmall.com or phone us at 212.225.8278 and we’ll find the best deal for you.

All the Magazines You Need, for All Your Locations, in One Easy Order

  • Our guaranteed, "one stop shop" service ensures that you have a simple, single invoice in a format that works for you. We even offer custom portals for customers with multiple locations - each can do their own ordering, eliminating the "back and forth" and multiple invoices.
  • Our company’s mission is to do whatever we can to take the hassle out of ordering magazines. We will do whatever it takes to provide you with customized solutions that work for your business, save you money and give you confidence that your requirements are being well looked after by our dedicated team.

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