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We offer subscribers the opportunity to SUBSCRIBE to popular magazine subscriptions at cheaper discount magazine prices. With our subscriber services you can order a new subscription, renew an existing subscription, or buy a gift subscription. Gift orders to a USA address include a free gift card with your personal message. Find out why you should give away magazines to your customers or employees.

Business Magazine Subscriptions

Businesses and companies are more efficient when ordering newspapers and business magazine subscriptions from one service. Even ordering magazine subscriptions for doctor office waiting rooms will save time paying one vendor who negotiates rock-bottom prices from multiple publishers. Whether you have centralized purchasing or a decentralized structure, you will save money. We'll also send you renewal notices so you can make the decision each year if you want to renew magazine subscriptions.

Recent Magazine Reviews and Posts from our Blog

The Atlantic Monthly magazine has been one of the USA's most thought-provoking magazines available. With consistently award-winning articles on politics, education, literature and the arts, The Atlantic Monthly is one of the most important magazines being published and is able to change minds through their (mostly) unbiased reporting and respect for well known facts. This is not a magazine for those who currently feel they are well enough informed from the current crop of "news-tainment" programs, talking heads and mouthpieces found on the air waves today.


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