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Renewals will usally take effect 6-8 weeks from when you place the renewal order. (Weekly subscriptions will renew earlier)

How Do I Renew?

  • Call us by phone at 888-255-6247
  • Send an email to your Account Representative
  • Click here to renew online
    • View the magazines listed in your account
    • Click a box next to each magazine you want to renew
    • Choose a payment method and confirm your renewal order

How Do I Transfer A Subscription to You

Renew for less up to 9 months in advance

Don't pay a higher price if rates increase. Plus, you can avoid receiving dozens of renewal notices every year from different publishers.

Where did you get your existing subscription?

Renew with us even if you subscribed elsewhere before. We will add to your existing subscription without duplicate issues.

Enjoy huge savings of up to 85% even on renewals

Just like for "new subscriptions", you will usually receive price savings on "renewal subscriptions".

We do NOT "Renew" your orders Automatically

We will not charge your credit card next year unless you tell us to renew your subscription. Either ignore our renewal reminder or tell us you don't want to renew. (Added Value: With other services, your subscription doesn't end until you cancel).

FREE renewal reminder service

We notify you when its time to renew with enough advanced notice so your subscriptions won't lapse. Keep continued & uninterrupted service and avoid any possible renewal delays by renewing EARLY at lower rates.

Renew all your subscriptions at 1 time

We keep a list of all your subscription orders. Login, review your subscriptions and tell us what to renew, instantly and easily.

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