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Questions about our services

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about our subscription service.
What Can I Order?
1. How do I order online?
2. New, Renewal and Gift orders?
3. Gift certificates & free gift cards
4. Want to order by phone or fax?
5. Browser error while ordering?
6. How do I cancel an order?

Payment Options
1. How do I use a coupon?
2. Can I pay online or be billed?
3. Are there shipping fees or taxes?

Search for Magazines
1. How do I search for magazines?
2. What magazines can I find?
Renewal information
1. How do I place a renewal?
2. How early can I renew?
3. Is your subscription from us?
4. Will I save on renewals too?
5. Will I be automatically renewed?
6. Will I get a reminder to renew?
7. Renewing many subscriptions?

Contact, Service and Delivery
1. How do I contact support?
2. Do you deliver outside the USA?
3. When will my magazine arrive?
4. Do you have delivery problems?

Reputation, Guarantee and Privacy
1. Is my purchase guaranteed?
2. Is my information private?

How do I search for magazines? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
1. Select a category from the drop down box at the top of each page (and hit GO)
2. Type a title in the search box at the top of the page (and hit GO)
(note these special instructions)
Avoid using common words like "the" or "and".
Check your spelling because our search engine will not find matches for misspelled words.
Leave out special characters like apostrophes (')
For example, Men's Health should be typed in as Mens Health.
3. Want more advanced search options? - (Hit the "more options" link at the top of any page)
Title - Type in a title at the top of the page or on the search page.
Alphabetical - Search for magazines by the first letter in the title.
Category - Choose one of 50 specific categories.
Price - Find magazines by selecting a price range.
Publisher - Select our entire catalogue or choose titles by publisher.
Postage - Select our entire list of magazines available either in Canada or outside the USA and Canada.
4. Find magazines quickly using our high speed search engine
offers hundreds of magazines from a vast variety of topics, divided into many categories. That's a lot of magazines to sort through, so we've created cutting-edge search engines to help you quickly find the Title you are looking for. Unlike some other companies on the internet, our servers are not sitting in a closet in someone's home, nor are they located halfway across the country under someone else's control. Our servers are maintained and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are immediately notified of any problems that may occur and can have the situation resolved within minutes. We strive to provide the best selection of features at the best prices anywhere on the Internet. We encourage our clients to talk to us about their sites and what features they would like to see added. Our services are built around the features our clients find most useful.
What magazines can I find? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
We are a family friendly site and have one of the largest wholesale selections of "non-adult" and "non-pornographic" magazine titles. We carry more than 1000 national publications (e.g. Fortune, Esquire, Elle, Sporting News ...) at specials of up to 85% off retail prices. Our vast selection of titles is divided into 56 exciting categories covering all varieties of interests like sports, fashion, cooking, investing, home design, news and kids. Get additional savings on over 50 exclusive BUNDLE PACKAGE DEALS where we package 3 similar titles for your convenience. Just click on the Bundles link in the Categories Search section.
How do I order online? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
1. Search for magazines by title, category or price
2. Add titles to your cart and check out
3. Enter billing information (prior subscribers can bypass this step)
4. Select a payment method - credit card, check, gift certificate ...
5. Select a shipping address for each title (for gift subscriptions)
6. Select which magazines are renewals
7. Fill out gift cards (if applicable)
8. Confirm your order
What kind of subscriptions are available and for how long? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
You can purchase New, Renewal and Gift orders for durations of 1 to 5 years. For all GIFT orders sent to USA or Canada address, you can order a free gift notice announcing your purchase. You can conveniently renew multiple subscriptions at one time, on one single form. This eliminates the need to monitor the multitude of renewal notices from publishers.

Already Have A Subscription? You can renew magazines that were originally bought from us, from the publisher, or from another company. Renewal reminders are customized according to client needs, and can be prepared in 60-day, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual periods. In addition, subscribers can renew up to 9 months in advance which enables them to lock in current lower rates. Don't pay a higher price if rates increase. Avoid receiving dozens of renewal notices every year from different publishers. We can process a renewal order at today's current rates and save you money today.
Can I buy a gift certificate? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
You can purchase gift certificates in denominations of $10.00. Gift certificates can be purchased from anywhere on our site. Just type in the words "gift certificate" in the search engine box at the top of any page on our site.
To place your order by Phone or Fax. Return to Top - Continue Shopping
If you are paying by check or money order, then write on the invoice that you are sending a check by mail. If you are paying with a credit card, then just fill out your credit card number and expiration date on the invoice. Make sure that the name and address on the credit card matches the name and address you filled out for PURCHASER INFORMATION on the order form.

To order by PHONE
Call toll-free:1.888.ALLMAGS (1.888.255.6247) (Please dial 888 and not 800)
Call directly:1.323.933.9291
To order by FAX
Fill out an order form you can print from here and fax it to 1.775.255.6247
Place your order online using our secure server and choose the PAY BY CHECK option when checking out. Then just print your order confirmation that and fax it to 1.775.255.6247
Did you have an error when placing your order? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
If you do not receive a confirmation email when completing your order then there was most probably an error when placing the order. Since we use a secure server, sometimes because of corporate firewalls people are unable to complete an order online. If you think this has happened to you, just save the confirmation invoice and email it to us at Email (without the credit card information) and we'll contact you with payment instructions. You can also call us toll-free at 888-ALLMAGS and we'll complete the order by phone immediately.
Coupons Return to Top - Continue Shopping
Please note that some coupons have certain restrictions. Please look at the web page with the coupon for more information. Some offers are available to new customers only.
Coupons are good for any purchase at . A minimum purchase, not including shipping and tax, of the amount of the coupon is required.
One coupon per customer.
Coupons are valid for credit card purchases only. No money orders, cashier's checks or personal checks accepted with coupons.
Coupons are not valid with any other shipping, coupon offer or promotion.
Coupons cannot be used to purchase gift certificates.

How to pay for your order. Return to Top - Continue Shopping
You can place an order now online and pay for the purchase at your convenience with a major credit card or by mailing us a check or money order.

Credit Card (Amex, Discover, Mastercard or Visa).
Check, Money Order, Bill Me Later (Print out the invoice confirmation and mail it in with a check)
Gift certificates (Enter your Gift Certificate ID and password on the Payment Information Screen)
Are there any shipping charges or sales tax? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
There are NO additional shipping charges for delivery to a USA address. For delivery to Canada or another foreign country, computes shipping charges whenever you place an item in your shopping basket. You may see the shipping charge on the detail information page for any magazine. Shipping charges are automatically adjusted if you add or take out items. Note that all Canadian and other Foreign orders will need to be reconfirmed by phone or reply email before processes your order. Any orders not confirmed, may delay the shipping process. We have 2 special price lists for magazines to be delivered to either Canada or other foreign countries. You can access these lists from anywhere on our site by clicking on the "more options" link at the top of any of our pages. There are NO additional SALES TAX charges. The price you see is all inclusive.
Want to cancel an order? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
To cancel an order placed, please go to order tracking or contact us via email with instructions to cancel your order and make sure to include your order confirmation number and contact information.
Where is the company located and how do we contact you? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
The company is based out of Los Angeles in order to provide subscribers with the highest quality in full coast-to-coast service. Subscribers can call us toll-free at 888-ALLMAGS or send an email to Email any time with any request such as an address change, renewal request or expected start date notification. Our representatives are ready to take your call 24 hours a day. is committed to communicating with the most important people in our business, you. You can reach our Customer Care Agents in any of the following manners. Write to us at 9190 West Olympic Blvd, Ste 600, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.
Call us toll-free at 1-888-ALL MAGS
Call us directly at 1-323-933-9291]
Fax us at 1-775-ALL-MAGS (255-6247)
Can I get delivery outside the USA? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
We have 2 special price lists for magazines to be delivered to either Canada or other Foreign countries. You can access these lists from anywhere on our site by clicking on the more options link at the top of any of our pages.
How long will it take for my subscription to start? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
We send out your orders immediately to the publishers and it generally takes between 6-12 weeks for your subscription to start. This time frame is a general industry standard. The primary reason is that publishers print the address labels up to 2 issues in advance and it takes a few weeks to be processed in their computer system. Our experience indicates that most subscriptions start within 8-9 weeks. If you buy a gift though, we send out the cards immediately notifying the recipient when to expect the magazine. And, we tell them who to call for customer service.

From the time an order is processed with this is generally how long it takes for your magazines to begin arriving:
Weekly magazines: 2-8 weeks
Biweekly magazines: 6-11 weeks
Monthly magazines: 6-12 weeks
Bimonthly magazines: 6-12 weeks
Quarterly magazines: 6-12 weeks

Important Policy Notice: If you do not receive the first issue of your magazine subscription after 12 weeks, please let us know by any of the communication means above (phone, fax, email) as soon as possible. Our responsibility is limited to delivering the full term of a subscription that you pay for except for circumstances where the magazine ceases publication in the middle of your term. We are not responsible for starting a subscription by a certain date. If a magazine ceases publication in the middle of your term, you will receive a pro-rata refund of the undelivered issues if any refund is made available by the publisher.
Did you have a delivery problem? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
does not directly handle the shipping of your magazine. That is handled directly by each publisher. If you have missed issues, please contact us via email and include your order number and contact information and the magazine you are writing about. To check on the status of an order, please go to our online order tracking tool. Please don't be concerned about missing issues, we will make sure you are credited for any delays or missed copies.
Is my purchase guaranteed? Return to Top - Continue Shopping
Why your transaction is truly safe!
Secure credit card transactions by phone or internet. (We also accept checks & money orders)

Every purchase is made using a server designed for taking secure orders over the Internet. When customers connect to our secure pages, the key at the bottom left of the screen in Netscape and the gold padlock in Microsoft Explorer will appear as solid icons. Our customers will then know that the connection to them is secure, and they can place orders safely.

If you discover unauthorized charges on your credit card within 60 days of your purchase, here's what you should do:

1) Immediately contact your credit card company to report the unauthorized charges. Ask to speak to a representative in the Fraud department. The representative will give you instructions on how to proceed with a claim and determine if you will incur a personal liability fee.

Credit Card Protection Requirements

We have recently changed our order taking process to give our customers the best secure internet based magazine subscription ordering system. To avoid purchases with stolen credit cards, we cannot process your order unless you give us the information necessary to verify that your credit card account number matches the name and address on your billing statement.

On the order form, please fill in the area called Purchaser Information with the name and address that appears on your credit card statement.
Enter information in the Shipping Information for magazines that you want sent to different addresses than the billing address on your credit card [otherwise the magazines will be automatically mailed to the credit card address].
Once you have verified the names, addresses and magazine titles, then press the Submit My Order Button to enter our Secure Server to complete the sale.
Once you fill out your credit card information in our SSL Secure Server and submit your order, you will receive an email notification confirming the acceptance of your order.
Renewal Questions and Informations Return to Top - Continue Shopping
Two ways to renew a subscription
1. Click here to search our entire online catalogue and order online
2. Call us toll-free and get a price quote right on the phone

Renew for less up to 9 months in advance
Don't pay a higher price if rates increase. Plus, you can avoid receiving dozens of renewal notices every year from different publishers.

Where did you order your current subscription?
You can renew with us even if you subscribed elsewhere originally. We will extend your existing subscription automatically. No duplicates. And great savings.

Same great savings of up to 85% on renewals.
In addition to saving on "new subscriptions", you will generally get the same price savings on "renewal subscriptions".

We do NOT "Automatically Renew" your subscriptions.
We won't automatically charge your credit card next year. If you don't want to renew your subscription either ignore our renewal reminder when it arrives or tell us you don't want to renew. (Added Value: With other services, your subscription doesn't end until you cancel).

Enjoy our FREE renewal reminder service.
We notify you automatically when its time to renew. Keep continued & uninterrupted service and avoid any possible renewal delays by renewing NOW at lower rates even up to 9 months before expiration.

Renew all your subscriptions at one time
We keep a database of every single subscription order. You can just login, review your subscriptions and tell us what to renew, instantly and easily.

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