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Order magazines online now or request a free quote or corporate account starter kit by filling out the request form below.

Enjoy corporate discounts on all your subscriptions. With our corporate service solution, the level of customer support is intensified.

Your company receives a welcome package describing all the different ways orders can be placed.

There is an online order manual, email addresses and web site addresses for all school, public library and corporate subscription needs and order forms for faxing or mailing orders and a list of contact phone numbers.

We can provide subscriptions for:

  • Dental Offices
  • Medical Offices
  • Spa magazine subscriptions
  • Beauty Salons
  • Haircut Salons

In short, if you have a reception room, our service is a one-stop shop for all magazine needs.

Request a price list of current prices on individual titles and pre-selected bundle packages of titles.

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Why Should You Work with MagMall's Corporate Subscription Services Team?

Initial Account Setup (10 minutes)

  • Get a private account login.
  • Meet your personal Account Representative.
  • Learn about your invoicing and payment options
  • Preview our online catalogue and secure ordering system.

Easy to Place Orders (new, renewal or gift)

  • Order online or contact your personal Account Representative.
  • Send orders in an excel file or email list or PDF.
  • Receive an order confirmation by email or fax.
  • Can't find a magazine? Just drop us a note with the magazine name, phone number, and/or web site URL and we'll add the magazine to our catalogue so you can place your order.

Renew Subscriptions Instantly

  • Collect renewal notices in your mailroom and send them to us. We can send you preaddressed envelopes.
  • Send us a list of subscriptions you want to renew (magazine title, subscriber name and full address).
  • Renew subscriptions whether ordered previously through us or not. Just include the same subscriber information that appears on the magazine label.
  • We'll review the renewal notices or the list you provide and send you a one step report highlighting what needs to be renewed. Just send us back the approved orders and we'll handle the rest of the renewal process.

YOUR GUARANTEE: MagMall has been committed since 1984 to maintaining personal customer relationships and will continue to provide stellar and exceptional support by fulfilling all of your individual and professional magazine subscription management needs.We will help you with your subscriptions and renewals and make it easy to transfer subscriptions and change addresses all year round.

Manage All Kinds of Situations

  • Your billing and maintenance can be centralized with one person managing orders for the whole company, or you can decentralize and each subscriber can be responsible for individual orders.
  • Have multiple locations? No problem. We'll help you keep order and then keep track of them?
  • Opening and closing locations year-round? We'll help with that process.
  • We are equipped to handle complex orders sent to multiple locations.
  • Multiple payment options including Paypal, credit cards, ACH, checks and purchase orders.
  • Transfer your existing subscriptions to MagMall with a phone call

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