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American Girl Magazine is A Clockful of Fun for Young Girls

American Girl Magazine has been published since 1993 and is devoted to girls between the ages of 8 and 14 and the the bimonthly magazine includes articles,recipes, advice columns, fiction, arts and crafts, and activity ideas for young girls.  American Girl magazine is also a great preteen magazine that they can turn to for fun party ideas like back-to-school sleepovers or crafting ideas they can use to decorate their rooms in unique and colorful ways. Many parents like the fact that the magazine doesn't put too much focus on boys, makeup, and other more subjects to which girls are often overexposed. This year will be American Girl Magazine's 20th year of existence and is one of the most popular girl magazines around.   The messages that are given in this magazine are positive ones that you don't particularly find in teen magazines. They promote positive relationships with peers and families, encourage learning and creativity, and make fashion and makeup fun not provocative.  More a reason to buy a subscription to this magazine!AmericanGirlMagazine2013