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Country Home magazine Country Home Magazine Podcast
Country Home Pleases readers interested in country decorating, renovating, antiques, foods, gardens and more. It contains in depth features on interior design,building, crafts and gardens. DO YOU ASPIRE TO LEAD A COUNTRY LIFESTYLE? If so, go no further than Country Home. Country Home magazine [1], published by Meredith Corporation [2] (NYSE: MDP) presents ideas that are relevant to all aspects of readersí lifestyles, including decorating and collecting, food and entertaining, fashion and well-being, travel and shopping.[3] Country Home showcases all types of casual decorating styles from contemporary, eclectic to romantic and rustic to urban for readers who live a country lifestyle, or aspire to create one, in city lofts, farmhouses, suburban colonials, getaway cottages or wherever else they make their home. Country Home, which launched in 1984, is published 10 times a years and each issue has over 8.3 million readers.[4] Check this out:

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Country Living magazine Country Living Magazine Podcast
Country Living
"Appreciate the traditions of the country wherever you may live."

Responding to renewed interest in the country lifestyle, Country Living fills a unique niche among "shelter magazines." Country Living helped initiate a "country trend" in decorating, collecting and entertaining with its debut in 1978 as a one time special interest publication. As a result of its success, the magazine quickly expanded to quarterly, then bimonthly publication. Today, Country Living brings its lively reporting on all things country to its readers on a monthly basis.

Each issue brings a country approach to a wide range of topics, including

  • Decorating and collecting
  • Cooking and entertaining
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Home building, remodeling and restoring in the country style
  • Travel and other leisure activities

As its franchise continues to proliferate, Country Living is now publishing a monthly spin off magazine, Country Living GARDENER, and issuing two special publications annually: Country Living Holidays and Country Living Dream Homes. Country Living is the only magazine to rank as one of Adweek's "10 Hottest Magazines" for three years in a row.

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Elle Decor magazine Elle Decor Magazine Podcast
Elle Decor is the magazine for those serious about making their home look great. Each issue features helpful advice about everything pertaining to interior decorating. features such as decorating the small space, shopping for the perfect wallpaper, furniture that catches the eye and more. From modern to renaissance everyone's taste will be satisfied with high quality writing and informative reviews and advice columns. Every article is complemented with large full color photographs that serve as example and inspiration for your own decorating.

Whether you're looking to renovate, keep abreast of the latest in style, or simply redecorate, Elle Decor is the magazine for you. Read it today, you'll never look at your home the same way.

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Family Fun magazine Family Fun Magazine Podcast
Family Fun features articles provide ideas for recreational activities in the home or on the road and tips on the best family vacation areas, which airlines to travel on and where to stay. It also describes crafts and educational toys that can be used at home.

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Good Housekeeping magazine Good Housekeeping Magazine Podcast
Good Housekeeping
"The Magazine, The Institute, The Seal, The Difference Is Guaranteed"

Good Housekeeping magazine together with the Good Housekeeping Institute and the Good Housekeeping Seal is an American icon of consumer protection and quality assurance. Every issue delivers a unique mix of independent investigation and trusted reporting, along with inspirational and personal stories. The magazine's rich editorial tradition embodies a commitment to the modern home and to a woman's quality of life.

The Good Housekeeping Institute, relied on since 1901 for its consumer research, brings a depth of knowledge and authority to the magazine's pages. The high standards of the Institute's advertising review process, combined with the trust placed in its Good Housekeeping Seal, creates a "golden halo" of reliability for all products advertised in the magazine.

Each month millions of readers look forward to Good Housekeeping their trusted source on consumer news and product evaluations for:

  • Health updates on topics ranging from detecting breast cancer to infectious diseases to first aid
  • Parenting advice
  • Personal stories
  • Investigations of topics and products of interest to the woman of the 21st century and her family

With an unparalleled record of service to its readers, Good Housekeeping won the prestigious National Magazine Award for Personal Service in 1989, 1993 and 1999, and continues to influence society, public policy and culture as it has since its founding in 1885. Good Housekeeping publishes 13 editions worldwide, making it an internationally recognized brand that sets the standard to which all other women's service magazines aspire.

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Home magazine Home Magazine Podcast
The home is central to everyone's life. Everyone wants his home to be a unique place, individualized and cozy. Home Magazine attemps to guide you to creating and maintaining the special place you call your own.

Everyone's taste, and therefore home, is different, which is why Home Magazine provides a variety of articles dealing with ideas for rennovations and decorations. Each month, a selection of experts in fields such as design, economic upgrades, security and landscaping, provide their advice on these relevent topics to aid the homeowner in his day to day projects.

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House Beautiful magazine House Beautiful Magazine Podcast
As a leading authority on home design and decoration, House Beautiful illustrates and illuminates a story of style as well as wise solutions. House Beautiful's warm editorial voice helps readers achieve the highest standard of a personal sense of place for rooms that feel right, not just stylish: living rooms, not show rooms: a dinner party, not only New Year's Eve. Inspired by the past, living in the present, looking to the future, House Beautiful accompanies its readers on their quest to create the house of their dreams.

For more than 100 years, House Beautiful has been a window on the ever changing world of architecture. With eyes wide open to the evolution of styles, House Beautiful has been there to report, analyze, and support the best of domestic design.

"To help you to the house of your hopes and your ideals, to aid you in every step, and in every detail : to offer you the widest latitude your purse can buy, yet to narrow your choice to what is essentially the best : that is the purpose for which The House Beautiful exists."
The House Beautiful, September 1896

Over 100 years later, House Beautiful's original mission statement holds true.

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Martha Stewart Living magazine Martha Stewart Living Magazine Podcast
Martha Stewart Living helps you turn your dreams into reality and make your home the place you want it to be.Cooking, decorating, gardening and collecting. You'll find hundreds of great ideas that will inspire and inform you,demystifying everything from cooking roast goose to organizing your garage. Every issue brings you fresh, practical ideas about cooking, gardening, homekeeping, collecting, decorating, organizing, crafts, and, of course, good things. You'll find everything clearly explained and beautifully photographed.

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Metropolitan Home magazine Metropolitan Home Magazine Podcast
Metropolitan Home is one of the most popular magazines dealing with home decoration, architecture and gardening.

Each issue of Metropolitan Home is filled with interesting and informative articles and reviews on many topics. Articles such as renovating the kitchen, reviving the garden, designing kitchens, bathrooms and more. Besides these helpful columns, Metropolitan Homes takes you on a tour of beautiful and exotic homes ranging from modern to Venetian style throughout America. Each review is accompanied by breathtaking photography which portrays what words cannot possible do.

Whatever your interest, be it architectures, design, style or renovation, Metropolitan Home is the perfect magazine for you. Subscribe today to find out why so many readers have enjoyed this publication for years.

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Southwest Art magazine Southwest Art Magazine Podcast
Southwestern Art covers the representational art market west of the Mississippi River. Readers meet the artist and learn about their work through illustrated interviews with contemporary painters and sculptor, as well as essays on historic artists. It delivers coverage of markets and events in the Southwest, Rocky Mountains and West Coast. This is the only regionally specific art magazine available.

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This Old House magazine This Old House Magazine Podcast
Inside of This Old House you will find centuries worth of expert ideas all folded up into the knowledge of the present day home builder and improver. Innovation, modification and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of TOH. Read first, the stories from people who have gone through the adventures you are about to experience. Walk away with a better understanding of your home and how to improve and transform it.

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Architectural Record magazine Architectural Record Magazine Podcast
Each issue of Architectural Record brings you comprehensive coverage of a variety of projects from around the world. Recordís project profiles inform and inspire with powerful photography, architectural drawings, revealing insights from architects and clients, related building science and digital technology coverage, and key people and products. In addition, Recordís monthly Building Types Studies allow you to compare and contrast some of the best examples of a single project type. And the quarterly Record Lighting editorial sections provide dazzling portfolios of innovative lighting projects and resources. Also, each issue of Architectural Record provides an in depth view of practice techniques where you can learn from the ideas, organization and experiences of successful firms large and small. Subscribe today and see for yourself why Architectural Record has been the leading architectural publication for 110 years.

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Arkansas Sportsman magazine Arkansas Sportsman Magazine Podcast
Do you like to fish? hunt? Do you live in Arkansa? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then ARKANSAS SPORTSMAN is the magazine for you.

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Atlanta Homes And Lifestyles magazine Atlanta Homes And Lifestyles Magazine Podcast
Atlanta Homes and lifestyles wants you to feel the utopian heartbeat. Atlanta living is one step from paradise. See how it gets that way and who is responsible. It is a super guide for the Atlanta area, with features on interiors, gardens, dining wine and travel.

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Colorado Homes And Lifestyles magazine Colorado Homes And Lifestyles Magazine Podcast
This is a new addition to our selection.
We'll add a description as soon as we can.

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Decorating Digest magazine Decorating Digest Magazine Podcast
Decorating Digest drives stlye into its readers. Digest sized, offering exciting room designs and home furnishings with easy to make craft projects to decorate and beautify your home. Exciting home furnishings and other things you can make.

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Engineering News Record magazine Engineering News Record Magazine Podcast
For over 125 years, ENR has been the premier source of construction industry information. Published weekly, ENR is written by a team of highly qualified professionals, dedicated to bringing you the most profitable, up to date new construction technologies and methods being applied in projects around the world. All of the information found in ENR on site photos...special reports and forcasts...charts and graphs...materials prices... are timely, authoritative and important. Subscribe today, and see for yourself why over 300,000 industry professionals worldwide rely on ENR each week as their primary source of construction industry information.

Added benefits include:
All print issues published annually
Premium subscriber access to
ENR Insider: our new weekly e-newsletter
Emailed News Alerts as they happen.
All this in addition to our Top Lists, Construction Economics, Pulse and innovation features

Your 12 month subscription includes the print publication, full web access to and the new weekly e-mail newsletter ENR Insider. As well as breaking news alerts when they happen You will receive a total of 46 print issues this year.

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Fine Homebuilding magazine Fine Homebuilding Magazine Podcast
FIne Homebuilding is equipped with home improvement techniques for exclusive home owners. America's most practical magazine for builders and savvy homeowners.

There are lots of magazines for people who own homes, and there are a fair number for the people who own home building companies. But there are few magazines for the people down in that ditch or up on that roof. And of those few, Fine Homebuilding is the best.

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Good Old Days Specials magazine Good Old Days Specials Magazine Podcast
Good Old Days Specials includes romance, old time advertisements and truly humorous cartoons.Established in 1973, this magazine, with a circulation in excess of 40,000, combines the spirit of nostalgia with fine feature writing.

Good Old Days Specials magazine brings back fond memories of the happy days gone by. True stories and photographs following a specific theme are contributed by readers. Heartwarming wartime romances, old time advertising, witty cartoons, authentic 1900 to 1950's photographs and more are just a sampling of the gold mine of delightful nostalgia included in each and every issue.

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Horticulture magazine Horticulture Magazine Podcast
Horticulture Magazine gives gardening meaning. Every issue of Horticulture is designed to inform and inspire you about the beautiful, creative, and colorful art of gardening. Solve your design dilemmas with our expert gardening ideas. Get practical, step by step techniques to make your gardening more productive . . . and more rewarding. And discover new plants to enhance your garden (whether youíre cultivating a townhouse terrace or a spacious country yard).

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Midwest Living magazine Midwest Living Magazine Podcast
Midwest Living gives you impetus to celebrate the interest, values and lifestyles of Midwestern families. Find the best information on travel and events, food and dining and home and garden.

Save now with a 6 issue discount subscription to Midwest Living Magazine
Motorhome magazine Motorhome Magazine Podcast
Motorhome Magazine caters to a large crop of Americans. Efficient travelers who wish to economize without being deprived of those precious scenic routes, would find it very fruitful. It caters primarily to motor home enthusiasts and is held in high esteem by all subscribers.

Save now with a 12 issue discount subscription to Motorhome Magazine
Old House Journal magazine Old House Journal Magazine Podcast
Old House Journal concentrates on restoration and preservation how to for the pre 1940 home. For over 25 years OHJ has provided practical, step by step articles for the professional renovator or the serious homeowner interested in historic restoration of their home.

Save now with a 6 issue discount subscription to Old House Journal Magazine
Traditional Home magazine Traditional Home Magazine Podcast
Traditional Home re invigorates traditional style in decorating, furnishings, antiques, tabletops and gardens. How do you create a Traditional look? What makes Country style Country? How can you capture Contemporary? We define the main elements of each design style.

Access the DesignerFinder national listing of interior designers and decorators in your local area. From this list you will find important information about a individual designer's design styles and price points, and even view photos of his or her work.

Save now with a 6 issue discount subscription to Traditional Home Magazine
Unique Homes magazine Unique Homes Magazine Podcast
Unique Homes takes you on a worldwide tour to see exotic, intriguing, real estate. Luxury real estate in your own home. The world's most exquisite and exclusive homes are yours to enter and explore with simply the turn of a page. This is the magazine of luxury real estate introduces readers to some of the worlds finest mansions, castles, and luxury homes available.

State by state, country by country, Whether looking for a awesome masterpiece or just a place to call home, Unique Homes has a place for any interested buyer!

Save now with a 6 issue discount subscription to Unique Homes Magazine
Veranda magazine Veranda Magazine Podcast
VERANDA is one of the world's most exquisitely produced interior design magazines. Published bimonthly, it is distinguished by its artful representation of interiors, gardens, table settings and floral arrangements. Authoritative articles on the decorative arts, books, collectibles, luxury goods, unusual travel destinations, must see art exhibitions, renowned architects and the latest in outstanding furnishings round out each issue. The magazine showcases the country's leading designers and travels far and wide to bring its readers some of the most fascinating interiors of the world.

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