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Consumer Reports magazine Consumer Reports Magazine Podcast
Consumer Reports magazine educates you in MAKING SMART BUYS AND SAVINGS. Reports on products and services enabling readers to obtain maximum value. Product areas covered include automobiles, electronic equipment, household products, food, personal finance, alcoholic beverages, career planning, home ownership, health and fitness, money management, insurance, travel, recreation, leisure and others. Consumer Reports, an American magazine published monthly by Consumers Union, publishes reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services based on reporting and results from its in-house testing laboratory. It has approximately 4 million subscribers [1], and an annual testing budget of approximately $21 million U.S.[2] The annual Consumer Reports new car issue, released every April, is typically the magazine's best-selling issue and is thought to influence millions of automobile purchases. The equivalent to Consumer Reports in the UK is Which? magazine. In the UK a consumer report is a generic phrase referring to any document informing the consumer about products. It can simply give product descriptions or extend to ethical matters. Check this out:

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Cooking With Paula Dean magazine Cooking With Paula Dean Magazine Podcast
Like the lady herself, Cooking with Paula Deen is not at all run-of-the-mill.The magazine combines the refinement of a lifestyle magazine with the delicious recipes, Southern hospitality and spunky personality of Paula Deen. Bi-Monthly Pubication.

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Entrepreneur magazine Entrepreneur Magazine Podcast
Entrepreneur magazine is for magazine for small business owners and decision makers. It provides a broad range of information including financial and tax advice, computing, new ideas for business, publicity, promotion and advertising. Please note that the discount coupons are not available for this magazine.

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Inc magazine Inc Magazine Podcast
Inc Magazine is the #1 magazine for starting and running small companies. It features management approaches in capital finance, marketing, managing people and much more. It explores the leading growing companies and the trends affecting their growth.

Inc and Inc Technology are the premiere U.S. publications for entrepreneurship. Providing hands on advice, case studies, and big picture overviews on the state of small business in the U.S., the magazines have a print circulation of 660,000. You can sample a free issue of Inc or renew your subscription right at

Full contents of the 14 annual issues of Inc and four annual issues of Inc Technology are posted at, with the current issue available to subscribers only. Stories back to 1988 are available for free in the online archives.

Inc was founded in 1979 and celebrated its 20th anniversary in May 1999, with a special issue of the magazine. Inc also provides a broad array of books, videos, software, conferences, seminars, consulting services, and awards programs, and is owned by Gruner+Jahr USA Publishing.

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Mit Technology Review magazine Mit Technology Review Magazine Podcast
Our MISSION is to identify and analyze the process of innovation. Through innovation, humanity is constantly upgrading its tools and techniques and inventing new ones. Wherever this is happening, we will be there, telling the inside story. Where the process is happening most rapidly, our coverage will be most intense. Technology Review provides its readers with the broadest possible perspective on the most dynamic aspect of our society's technological innovation. Innovation is the driving force behind the major transformation we are witnessing today in society, business, and technology. Although change is inevitable, Technology Review is covering the magnitude of this movement by investigating innovation and the role it will play in the process.

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The Weekly Standard magazine The Weekly Standard Magazine Podcast
The Weekly Standard is a comprehensive weekly journal of politics and opinions with diverse commentary on the cultural and social issues shaping the future of the country. Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes head this talented staff of editors and writers.

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Aircraft Technology Engineering And Maintenance magazine Aircraft Technology Engineering And Maintenance Magazine Podcast
Aircraft Technology Engineering and Maintenance briefs those who are already adroit in the field, on the novelties that will enhance their skills. Subscribe as means of keeping up with the well informed novices.

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Family Business New magazine Family Business New Magazine Podcast
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Home Business magazine Home Business Magazine Podcast
Home Business magazine covers every facet of the growing, dynamic home based business market. Its cutting edge editorial on business operations, sales, home office, franchising, business opportunities, network marketing, mail order, and the Internet helps readers select and manage a home based business.

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How magazine How Magazine Podcast
How Magazine is the graphic designer's up to the minute resource for ideas, techniques, and business advice. Includes special issues devoted to self promotion, web design, creativity and more.

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Id magazine Id Magazine Podcast
ID is edited for corporate and independent designers of business and consumer products: furniture designers: exhibit, display and environmental designers: packaging designers: graphic designers and contract interior designers.

ID is a 5 time National Magazine Award Winner which offers an insider's look at the products, environments and graphics being created by the world's foremost designers.

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Kiplinger Tax Letter magazine Kiplinger Tax Letter Magazine Podcast
Kiplinger Tax Letter provides guidance for businessmen with interests in California. Business and economic trends in the state, politics, legislation, wages, prices, tourism, farming, real estate, defense spending.

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Opportunity World magazine Opportunity World Magazine Podcast
Opportunity World is a HOW TO achieve financial independence publication geared towards the business startup individual. Over 100 pages of useful information for financial gains.

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Red Herring magazine Red Herring Magazine Podcast
Red Herring magazine has been essential reading for business leaders using technology to build or expand their businesses. The coverage provides a forward thinking, analytical look at technology companies and industries, and evaluates technology as a strategic asset. The unique perspective of Red Herring's veteran editors and reporters comes from years of experience reporting on, and watching, the technology business. Red Herring magazine's content is timely, analytical and skeptical. The magazine tells its readers what's first, what's new, and, most importantly, what matters.

Red Herring provides features on trends, strategies and operations shaping technology related business and industry. In today's dizzying business world, the magazine's coverage is firmly rooted and researched, and provides an authoritative view without hype or hyperbole.

Red Herring is indispensable for any business. All issues include briefings which cover relevant and exciting issues that have horizontal impact on the global economy. When it comes to investments, Red Herring contains the publishing world's only investor section that is focused exclusively on technology stocks and the private funding market.

In addition to these features, Red Herring provides unique annual special issues which highlight the Top Ten Trends, The Herring 100, and the Top Ten Entrepreneurs These specials report on top technology trends for the future, the take on the top private and public technology driven companies, and coverage of ten innovators who forge markets, respectfully.

In today's high paced business world, Red Herring is a magazine no company can do without.

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Selling Power magazine Selling Power Magazine Podcast
Selling Power is the magazine most read by those who primary industry is marketing and selling. It is an invaluable tool who's goal is to increase productivity, increase revenue and improve selling skills. Each issue contains workshop articles such as how to listen for your buyer's verbal closing cures, how to keep positive in spite of rejections, how to jump start customer stalls, and how to use the telephone as a contact development tool.

Selling Power is a must read for anyone in a customer oriented business and who wants to develop his public relation skills and success.

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Success magazine Success Magazine Podcast
Success Magazine turns each arresting edition into new and meaningful information for entrepernuers. All elements of business are considered for this publication so that it unites big and small businesses in satisfaction that detracts from the tension produced by competition.

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Tv Technology magazine Tv Technology Magazine Podcast
TV Technology is the #1 publication for video professionals. DTV coverage includes DTV Roundtable a glimpse into how various broadcast facilities around the country are meeting the FCC mandated deadlines to broadcast digital television: DTV Diary, traces the progress and pitfalls of the station's transition to the digital age: Sportsview provides a closeup of the new video products and innovations used in sports events: Eye on the Game, an in depth look at how four key equipment categories play an integral role in the game: Buyers Guide: and show coverage. Published biweekly, TV Technology will meet all of your technology needs.

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Tv Technology And Production magazine Tv Technology And Production Magazine Podcast
TV Technology and Production covers technology issues in over 100 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With 11 issues annually, the magazine meets the needs of video professionals worldwide. It includes technology news, applications oriented engineering and production articles, management features, trade show coverage, user written equipment reviews, computer video and new product introductions.

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Wall Street And Technology magazine Wall Street And Technology Magazine Podcast
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We'll add a description as soon as we can.

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