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    Plastic Canvas World brings plastic canvas lovers a delightful variety of projects for home decor, weddings, bazaars, holidays and more. Full color photos and easy to follow directions make plastic canvas projects easy for all craft hobbyists, even beginners.


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    Special Offers
    We provide you with customized offers based on your feedback, past purchases and niche characteristics, in addition to the outstanding generic offers furnished to all our customers.

    Like the Sunday newspaper coupons that everyone collects, we provide coupons for you and your friends and family. These coupons, again tailored to fit your needs, can be discounts or special rates based on the total purchase.

    A Keeper is an exclusive offer we give you that no other company can provide at the same time. It may be time based, a permanent deal or even a specific price point. We don't play favorites, though - each of our customers will receive at least one Keeper.

    The last piece of the puzzle is the excellent customer support we provide. We offer 24x7 access to your real-time customer purchase statistics. There are seven different ways to look at your data - with an on demand customized view option.

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    The relationship between magazines and their readers is both dynamic and symbiotic. More than ever, people are depending on their favorite magazines for information, news and entertainment. Despite a myriad of choices, consumers remain loyal to reading the magazines of their choice.

    Whether it is stocking your waiting room or a reception area or providing professional offices with magazines or just getting individuals the magazines they need for personal or gift use, we want to make sure our subscribers get their magazines.

    If I have to call a publisher 20 times to straighten out a subscription problem, then I'll do it. Fortunately I get most things done with one phone call or one email. But sometimes when I just have to go that extra mile, it is truly rewarding then when I receive a note of thanks from a subscriber. Then I know I've put in an honest day's work. And that makes all the difference (as much as I hate cliches).

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    The smooth transition to our subscription services is the result of our intense and detailed planning. We understand the dynamics involved and that communication is essential to making the shift easy and simple.

    Step1 - It starts with a simple Account Setup which takes no more than 10 minutes. Here are the basics we cover:
    • Account login URL, username and password.
    • Contact phone, fax and email information of your personal account representative.
    • Invoicing and payment terms and methods.
    • What to do if a magazine you want isn't located in our database.
    • A quick walkthrough of our online ordering system.

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    1. I have used them to renew this magazine several times and the service gets a little better every time...

    2. Excellent email response to account creation and order info.

    3. My experience has been awesome! The gift card arrived and the order was processed exactly as I asked. Thanks MagMall for showing me that I can TRUST a web based business to do as they promise! You are Great!

    4. Received magazine much quicker that expected. Annual renewal was correct on the outside of magazine as well.

    5. Great web sight. Large selection and very easy to order, even with Freeride reward points.

    6. Fast, easy, no hassle shopping. Keep up the good work!

    7. Very quick, convenient and easy to use. I was able to find what I was looking for without a problem.

    8. I enjoy shopping with them. They carry the magazines I am looking for.

    9. The ordering process was very easy and secure.

    10. I thought it was a pretty good place to order subscriptions from.

    11. I enjoyed the magazine descriptions that were available on this site.

    12. This is the second time I have used this site and I am likely to use it again in the future. However, I did have a little bit of trouble using the site because I found it a little confusing at one point. Right off hand I am not exactly sure where the problem was because I placed my order two months ago. Over-all though I am happy with the service.

    13. I received my weekly magazine about 2 weeks after I placed my order, and the monthly with the very next issue, well before Magazine Mall advised me to expect them.

    14. I knew I wanted NewsWeek and a bargain price. I got what I wanted in a matter of minutes. Search engine for titles, concise info, quick and efficient order system. It all went the way we dream Internet shopping should be. Fast. Smooth. No hassle. No gimmick.

    15. They had a very good selection of magazines that I normally buy from our local bookstore.

    16. Seems to be a good site. No problems ordering. Looks like it has a lot of customer service available

    17. Easy to order. Very easy to designate different shipping addresses for gift subscriptions. Great overall experience.

    18. I was thrilled to be able to get my favorite magazine with out having to have a credit card! Thanks for teaming up with My Points.

    19. This is my third purchase from magmall, i was very satisfied with my first purchase, however i have not recieved my second purchase as of yet! and it has been almost 4 weeks. I hope my third purchase will arrive timely.

    20. Great site. I wish I would had found it before ordering other magazines through another source. Thankyou

    21. This site was VERY easy to navigate and order from! The prices and selections were reasonable, not the best or the worst I have seen. I wished I could have chosen my own packages. Other than that this was one of the easiest-to-use online stores I have seen. I also liked being able to easily track my order history.

    22. I have purchased magazines from Magazine Mall a few times now, and am very, very happy with the service I have received. I have tried another subscription service, and they just do not measure up to MagMall! Keep up the great work!

      MagMall's Magazine Savings Deals - Some Thoughts From our Mascot


    How did MagMall get started selling magazines?

    MagMall is a subscription agency that has been selling magazine subscriptions since 1984 to different types of subscribers. Originally, magazines were sold to the founder's friends and family who purchased new, renewal and gift subscriptions for a variety of purposes.
  • A doctor's office needed magazines for its reception area.
  • Students wanted magazines when they were going away to school.
  • A business wanted to buy magazines as gifts for its top clients.
  • Schools wanted to do a fundraiser to help kids go on a class trip.

  • As the years went by more features were added to the subscription service.

    The process of selling magazines became more systematic as the company grew its customer base. We introduced personalized gift cards so people could write personal messages to the recipients. And since the magazines were not going to start immediately (because that's how the industry works) we were able to send out immediate gift notices and let recipients know that the magazines would soon be coming. Additionally, as computer databases became more prevalent we were able to help customers keep track of all their subscriptions. This way, each year we could send out a comprehensive renewal reminder to each customer and help them keep whatever subscriptions they wanted current.

    How did the Internet change things for the better?

    Then the Internet happened and everything the company had been doing now went into hypergrowth. Instead of relying on orders coming in via mail or phone or even fax, now customers could subscribe online and via email. That meant that prices were always current and any special offers could be immediately broadcasted. So giving away free CD's with Newsweek and PC World or example did not have to wait for the next catalogue to br printed. Now the promotion could happen instantly.

    So MagMall launched one of the first ecommerce web sites in 1997. Since then it has experienced a number of dramatic changes until as recently as May 2003 when it launched its best look and feel ever (at least we think so). And in addition, MagMall as of 2003 is now available in Spanish and English. So if you are more comfortable interacting with an ecommerce site in Spanish you can do so.

    Every company needs a mascot.

    At the same time, MagMall introduced the world to Maggie, the first and only personal Magazine Librarian. Maggie is our mascot and she represents our customer service commitment. If a customer needs help with a renewal or an address change or just finding a magazine not listed on our site, Maggie is there to provide service via phone, fax or email.

    To better understand the benefits of using our services, here is a more detailed analysis of the 3 divisions the company has split itself into.

    Consumer Division
    MagMall works with over 5,000 affiliates web sites and a variety of search engines. In the consumer division, anyone, anywhere in the world can use our web site based service to set up a magazine subscription account. Then, for the rest of their lives they can buy new, renewal and gift subscriptions and be in charge of them year after year.

    Corporate Division
    Our direct sales staff pitches companies to become their official magazine vendor for all corporate purchases. For example, when we work with a company like NBC Studio for example, all their employees are instructed to visit to purchase magazines and newspapers that the company is paying for. Plus, because it is a corporate service, the level of support is intensified. Maggie takes on a whole new meaning. Each company receives a welcome package describing all the different ways orders can be placed. There is an online order manual, order forms for faxing/mailing orders and a list of contact phone numbers, email addresses and web site addresses for all corporate subscription needs. In addition, to working with companies we also work with school and public libraries and reception rooms to give them a one-stop shop for all magazines.

    A few of the premier benefits we provide include:
    1) Instead of charging the full retail subscription price, we often discount magazines up to 50% off.

    2) We also do not charge an additional service fee for using our program.

    Giveaway Division
    MagMall works with companies and schools to use magazines as incentives to drive loyalty or product performance. For example, when one of the largest software companies in the world wanted to offer an upgrade to their current version, they sent out 4 Million direct mail pieces and email solicitations offering a full year subscription to one of 12 magazines at no extra charge. This kind of product enhancement really adds value to the complete offer. When one of the top retailers in the world wanted to incentivize its employees to sell more products in each store, they ran a contest. The top 2 employees in each store during a one week period, won a $25.00 gift certificate redeemable for any subscription in our catalogue.

    Please review the four following items for more information concerning our background AND the transition process we provide for new corporate and individual accounts:

    (1) A slideshow about our service.

    (2) An article written about us recently in the LA Times.

    (3) A corporate White Paper about MagMall.

    (4] Our Quick Start Guide which explains how to smoothly transition your company using MagMall's service.

      MagMall's Magazine Savings Deals Offers The BEST GUARANTEE

    Maybe you've tried ordering magazines from other services and realized that the service just didn't deliver or it wasn't secure. It's time to change your approach. You've got nothing to lose. We guarantee that every transaction you make through our service will be 100% safe. This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your card as a result of shopping through our service.

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